Welcome traveler!

Welcome traveler to The Cantina. So … you want to hear a story, eh? Well have I got something for you. They may be weird and unpleasant, but these are the kind of stories I have to tell you. So get a drink, get comfy by the fire and let me share with you the strange machinations of my mind. It may get dark and weird so you might get offended, but that is not really my problem. Nobody is forcing you (I hope) to read this, so you have been warned.

About me

Greetings unfortunate human? Robot? Otherworldly consciousness? You seemed to have taken a wrong turn on the world wide information network you call “The Internet” and have landed on my website. How strange. But while you are here, let me tell you a bit more about myself. By clicking on the following word: ‘Collywobbles‘ you will be transported to a page with more information about myself.

Latest posts I have made

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Hello Internet!

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