Crisis on infinite streaming platforms

Well, here I am again internet. It is time for another great rant from ya boy. Yep today I become frustrated with the great CW Network. For those who don’t know them they are an American television network that have produced many shows but my interest in them lie with their DC Comics tv series known as the Arrowverse with shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Batwoman. Now I am personally more of a Marvel fan but I still like Arrow and The Flash.

Now a couple of weeks back new episodes of The Flash were releasing on Netflix and so I wanted to start watching the show again. I have started watching from a couple of season back to get back into the feel of it. Now one of the good things about the CW’s Arrowverse is that there are these big crossover moments were characters from all the shows come together to deal with a common threat. Just like the Avengers movies from Marvel. It is real cool, because you get to see superheroes interact with each other in a way you normally don’t in the rest of the series/episodes. But what CW has done with these crossovers is that the story itself is split up into different episode with a single episode per show. So for example you may have to watch season 5 episode 9 from The Flash for part 1 and Season 7 Episode 9 from Arrow for part 2. This is hasn’t been a real issue so far in the past because all the shows were released on Netflix, so you could just very easily switch to a different series watch the specific episodes from the others and than continue with the series you were watching.

But all of this changed when they created a new series: Batwoman. Batwoman was never and will never be released on Netflix. Instead it was released on CW’s own streaming platform CWTV. Although it is only available in the US this can be very easily circumvented with a VPN, which luckily I have. So a year or two (not sure how long) ago I could just watch that one episode from Batwoman and continue with the crossover on Netflix. But this time around things have taken another turn. I watched the first episode of the crossover ‘Crisis on infinite earths’ on Netflix so it was time to switch over to CWTV to watch part 2 with the Batwoman episode. But to my dismay season 1 was no were to be found. Season 2 was available but not season 1. So after some searching the web I found out that CW had made a deal with HBO and it meant that season 1 of Batwoman was now HBO Max exclusive. So now in turn for me to watch part 2 of the crossover I would have to pay $15 just to watch 1 episode from a serie that I have no interest in watching (I don’t like Batwoman). This is btw a crossover that spans across 5 different series and has a story that has been build up to for almost 7 years and is part of the final season of Arrow. Plus the end results of the story has mayor impact on the stories across ALL series. I will not spoiler anything but it has the same kind of impact like End Game from Marvel. So not watching the crossover is not an option. Luckily I watch the crossover before when it first came out, so I already know what is going to happen but it also has been more than a year since I watched it last.

In conclusion: CW basically made an epic and very important crossover inside their DC Comics TV shows but split it up in parts and now 1 part of it is behind a separate paywall. Luckily there is always internet piracy.